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Color TranslationBagna Cauda Assorted Fresh Vegetables With Hot Anchovy Cream Dip. Carpaccio Di Salmone Fresh House Marinated Atlantic Salmon With Croutons, Chopped Olives Asparagi Al Parmigiano Sauteed Asparagus With Shallots Topped With A Golden Parmesan Crust – Menu No.1Zuppa Di Cozze Steamed N.Z Green Mussels In White Wine,Garlic And Fresh Tomatoes. Tonno Fresco Scottato Seared Prime Tuna “Tataki” With Wasabi Sauce And Petite Salad. Insalata Di Anatra Affumicata Cherrywood Smoked Sliced Duck Breast Into A Watercress And Arugula Salad. – Menu No.2The Einstein Hopf Process Works Best In Places Where Particles Hardly Ever Collide With Each Other, Since Collisions Prevent The Particles From Building Up Speed. The Less Matter There Is, The More The Matter Wants To Go Someplace Else. Thus The Tendency Is For Regions Of Low Density To Empty Out Even More, – Albert Einstein / Physics #1And For Regions Of High Density To Become Denser. This Is Exactly The Sort Of Snowb All Effect That Cosmologists Have Been Looking For To Explain How Matter Congregated To Form Sheets And Walls – Albert Einstein / Physics #2At 8:32 Am On Wednesday July 16 1969, Apollo 11, Tipped With It's Command Ship Columbia, Exploded Off Launch Pad 39A For The Deep Blue Skies East Of Cape Kennedy. By Evening Sunday July 20th, Columbia's Companion Ship Eagle Took What We Now Know Was A Hair-raising Plummet To The Surface Of The Moon For A Smooth And In-the-nick-of-time Touchdown. – Moon Landing #1Just Before Midnight “Sunday”, Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Lumbered Down The Nine Steps Of The Eagle LEM's Ladder To Take His Historic “ Small Step For Man; One Giant Leap For Mankind” Onto The Surface Of The Moon. – Moon Landing #2The British Government Announced This Week That A Date Is To Be Set When All Analogue TV Transmissions Will Be Switched Off And Replaced With Digital. An Independent Report Commissioned By The Government Said Most TV Viewers Could Be Expected To Have Made The Switch To Digital By 2013 In Europe. – Digital“The Human Imagination Runs Riot,” Declared The Church Of Scotland When World Came Of What One Of Its Countrymen Had Wrought. We Have Got To Ask The Question, “What If” And Indeed, In The Weeks Since Scientist Ian Wilmut Cloned The Sheep That Shocked The World, The Question Has Been Asked Everywhere: What If Someone Clones A Person? Wilmut's Cloning Achievement Makes Philosophers Of Everyone. – Human CloneOn January 12, 1994, United States Congressman Steven Schiff Of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Stated To The Press That He Had Been Stonewalled By The Defense Department When Requesting Information Regarding The 1947 Roswell Event On Behalf Of Constituents And Witnesses. Indicating He Was Seeking Further Investigation Into The Matter, – U.F.O #1Congressman Schiff Called The Defense Department's Lack Of Responseastounding And Concluded It Was Apparently “another Government Coverup” – U.F.O #2We Have To Learn Yet That All Religions, Under Whatever Name They Maybe Called, Either Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Or Christian, Have The Same God, And He Who Derides Any One Of These Derides His Own God. – ReligionThe Epigraph On The Title Page Of This Volume Indicates The Tradition To Which I Prefer To Ally Myself In My Conception Of The Dream. I Am Proposing To Show That Dreams Are Capable Of Interpretation And Any Contributions To The Solution Of The Problems Which Have Already Been Discussed Will Emerge Only As Possible By Products In The Accomplishment Of My Special Task – Sigmund Freud / Psychoanalysis #1Known To The Psychic Apparatus By Means Of Symbols. Led By A Dim Intuition, It Seems Rather To Assume That Dreams Have A Meaning, Albeit A Hidden One; That They Are Intended As A Substitute For Some Other Thought-process, And That We Have Only To Disclose This Substitute Correctly In Order To Discover The Hidden Meaning Of The Dream. The Essential Point, Then, In This Procedure Is That The Work Of Interpretation Is Not Applied To The Entirety Of The Dream, But To Each Portion Of The Dream. – Sigmund Freud / Psychoanalysis #2Drawing / RainbowRainbowOpposites Attract! Is Seduction A Solution? Opposites Still Desirable!... Or Is It The Illusion What Is Forbidden To The Self Leads To Grasp The Unrealizable Other? No, Its Just An Impression! – Poetry / Modern Poetry, U.S.A.All Her Soul Suddenly Swept Towards Him: He Was So Silent, And Out Of Reach! And He Felt His Limbs Revive. Shoving With His Left Hand, He Laid His Right On Her Round White Wrist, Softly Enfolding Her Wrist, With Caress. And The Flame Of Strength Went Down His Back And His Loins, Reviving Him. And She Bent Suddenly And Kissed His – Lady Chatterley's Lover #1Hand. Meanwhile The Back Of Clifford's Head Was Held Sleek And Motionless, Just In Front Of Them. At The Top Of The Hill They Rested, And Connie Was Glad To Let Go. She Had Had Fugitive Dreams Of Friendship Between These Two Men: One Her Husband、the Other The Father Of Her Child. Now She Saw The Screaming Absurdity Of Her Dreams. – Lady Chatterley's Lover #2All You Need Is Love John Lennon And Paul McCartney Love Love Love, Love Love Love, Love Love Love, There's Nothing You Can Do That Can't Be Done Nothing You Can Sing That Can't Be Sung Nothing You Can Say But You Can Learn How To Play The Game It's Easy – All You Need Is LOVE #1Nothing You Can Make That Can't Be Made No One You Can Save That Can't Be Saved Nothing You Can Do But You Can Learn How To Be You In Time It's Easy All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, Love Love Is All You Need – All You Need Is LOVE #2All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, Love Love Is All You Need Nothing You Can Know That Isn't Known Nothing You Can See That Isn't Shown Nowhere You Can Be That Isn't Where You're Meant To Be It's Easy – All You Need Is LOVE #3All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, Love Love Is All You Need All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, Love Love Is All You Need – All You Need Is LOVE #4Signature